Who We Are

Hog Haven Farm’s Board of Directors, from left to right: Luisa Taylor, Vice President; Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, Executive Director & Co-Founder; Andrew Burgardt, Director & Co-Founder; Heidi Loveless, President; Jeremy Loveless, Secretary; Katie Kapral, Treasurer

Founded in 2014 by Andrew and Erin, Hog Haven Farm was created to fill a massive gap in animal rescue. Pet pigs are abandoned at alarming rates, with more than 90% of all pigs surrendered or rehomed before their second birthday. After falling in love with their first pet pig, Pipsqueak, Andrew and Erin realized the need for pig rescue was huge, not just in Colorado, but nationwide. In the last 10 years, Andrew and Erin have moved twice to meet the growing demand for rescued pigs, and have been able to save ~400 pigs! In addition to offering sanctuary, Hog Haven Farm adopts pigs as pets to qualified homes within Colorado.

Hog Haven Farm’s Board of Directors come from different backgrounds, but all have unique skills and perspectives to offer the rescue, and all share a love for these wonderful creatures!